I currently represent the following publishing houses from Germany, The UK and The Netherlands. If you would like to talk to me about representation of your lists or would like to take a closer look at any of the titles below, please get in touch.


BBNC publishers publish general titles on creative gift books (with a focus on adult colouring-books and bullet journals), children’s books, military history and inspirational titles. You can browse their foreign rights catalogue here: BBNC Foreign Rights Catalogue 2019

BLOOM’s is the publishing house that opens the whole world of decoration with flowers and plants. The latest trends on form, colour and materiality – not only for the private sector, but also for professional florists and trainees. You can find the catalogue here: BLOOM’s Foreign Rights Catalogue 2020

Büchner-Verlag was founded in 2008 and publishes academic literature as well as non-fiction books. They are a small, independent publishing company organized in a cooperative structure. Büchner focuses on innovative works from the literary, cultural and social sciences with a special focus on media and film related titles. You can download the catalogue here: Büchner Verlag Foreign Rights Guide

LV.Buch offers an illustrated non-fiction programme ranging from gardening and craft to cookery and extraordinary titles. You can download their foreign rights catalogue here: LV.Buch Foreign Rights Catalogue Autumn 2020

Uitgeverij Kluitman is one of the oldest children’s book publishers in Holland. They have become popular with series like “Bobbi”. Ther latest Imprint Pepper Books publishes literary as well as non-fiction books. In 2018 BBNC took over Kluitman publishers. You can find the Foreign Rights guide here Kluitman Foreign Rights Guide 2020

KNNV Uitgeverij is a green non-profit publishing house with carefully compiled and attractively designed books. You will find titles on green lifestyle, educational children’s books, natural history, wildlife & travel, sustainability and nature conservation. In addition to popular field-, bird- and travel guides, they publish rich reference books and professional literature for research. You can download the catalogue here: KNNV Foreign Rights Catalogue

PAL Verlag has been founded more than 30 years ago by the therapist couple Dr. Doris Wolf and Dr. Rolf Merkle. They found a great market niche and have been very successful with their psychological Self-Help & Counselling books ever since. You can download the catalogue here: PAL Foreign Rights Guide

Stiebner Verlag is a leading publisher in soft craft such as sewing, knitting and punch needle. Since they have the expertise of Europe’s leading monthly magazine on graphic design Novum – World of Graphic Design inhouse you will also find art instruction in their list. Besides that they are also true to their Bavarian origin and offer a range of titles on the topic. You can download the Foreign Rights Catalogues here: Stiebner Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2020 and Stiebner Bavarica Catalogue

Trigger Publishing was founded in 2016 by The Shaw Mind Foundation. They tell the stories of people who have suffered from mental illnesses and recovered, so that others may learn from them, as well as publishing clinically approved wellbeing and recovery guides. Download the Foreign Rights Guide here: Trigger Foreign Rights